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Watch Order (through Phase 3)

Note: I wrote this after watching End Game in 2020, so it only includes through phase 3 / 2019

  1. Hulk: it’s good, but really does not quite fit. Probably because of the different actor and how early it was done.
  2. Captain America: my fav character. Takes place way-back-when. The first Avenger. Meet the first of the Infinity Stones.
  3. Iron Man: really where the universe starts taking off. RDJ took a second-tier comic book hero and made him a star.
  4. Iron Man 2: okay movie. Hello, Black Widow! Sneak peak for Thor.
  5. Thor: this is what makes SHIELD have to start worrying about other galactic entities.
  6. Avengers: awesomeness. Lets put them all together. Meet the second of the Infinity Stones. One of my top 5 scenes in MCU (when they first assemble). I probably put this as #5 fav movie in the MCU
  7. Iron Man 3: Tony has some stuff to work through after Avengers. The movie itself is not so great.
  8. Thor Dark World: another infinity stone. As much as I love Natalie Portman, Sif is MUCH hotter.
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy: I absolutely scoffed at watching this. A tree, raccoon, and goofy lead. I quit on it. Now… I love it. Wonderful 80s music. One of my 5 top scenes (we are groot).
  10. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: have only watched this once, and skipped it on re-watched sessions. Maybe I should give it another try.
  11. Winter Soldier: this is where Captain America REALLY starts to become my favorite character.
  12. Avengers Ultron: I like the opening. My fav scene from this movie (Capt America attempting to lift the hammer) as it sets up a very future scene from End Game
  13. Antman: another movie that took a while to grow on me. Very different feel, but not a bad movie.
  14. Civil War: I prob put this as #4 favorite in the MCU. I love the dynamics. The plot is WAY too crazy complicated, so just go with it. It has some absolutely iconic shots. Hello Black Panther.
  15. Black Panther: this is a really good movie. It is great to watch right after Civil War since the character was introduced, and Civil War hints at the coolness of futuristic Wakanda
  16. Spider Man: I’ve never been a spider man fan, but this is a much better version of it.
  17. Ant & WASP: not much to this one. Perhaps this should be after Infinity because of the closing scene, but who cares. It is a mediocre movie.
  18. Doctor Strange: this was surprisingly good. I was not expecting much.
  19. Thor Ragnarok: amazing movie. I love Thor’s humor and Hulk’s character. Ragnarok begins the flow through End Game.
  20. Infinity War: great movie. Start to really pull together all the characters.
  21. Capt Marvel: okay, she is absolutely badass. The post-credit scene is good for showing hope for the post-snap world
  22. End Game: end game can describe the production. This is the pay off of 22 movies and 10+ years of investment. It has some of my absolute fav scenes.

Technically, Spider Man Far from Home is part of phase 3, but I end this at End Game.

Top 5 scenes

honorable mention: when Capt Marvel discovers her power. When she goes through her memories are realizes her failures are really her signs of perseverance (Capt Marvel)
honorable mention: BRING ME THANOS! (Infinity War)

  1. We are Groot! (GOTG)
  2. The first assembled Avengers scene (Avengers)
  3. Are you the god of hammers” leading into the Led Zeppelin scored fight (Ragnarok)
  4. Capt America using the hammer. Thor’s genuine excitement, joy that Capt America is worthy. He knew it from way back in Ultron (End Game)
  5. Avengers.. Assemble!” (End Game)

Top 5 movies

  1. Avengers
  2. Civil War
  3. Infinity War
  4. Ragnarok
  5. End Game