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I have setup google analytics in the past. Somehow, with the new google analytics interface, I struggle with setting it up.

  • There is a concept of an account (you will have one for “you”) and a property (one for your “site”)
  • Access google analytics:
  • Click admin
  • Click create (this seems so obvious in retrospec, but I missed it several times) | property
  • Follow prompts
  • At end, grab the ID (G-123123123)
  • Add to _config.yml for your github pages (typically in the root of your github repository):

Method 1:

google_analytics: G-123123123

Method 2:

# Analytics
  provider               : google-gtag # false (default), "google", "google-universal", "google-gtag", "custom"
    tracking_id          : G-B941W3153Q
    anonymize_ip         : # true, false (default)Note: for another template, I had to enter