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A large portion of my parenting-life has been in kids sports. I have been in the role of parent of athletes, volunteer, coach in both rec and travel programs, league officer in the rec league, and officer of a travel program. This gave me great insight into what it takes to run youth sports programs.

After being impressed with the functionality, I drove to introduce teamsnap into my local sports league. Big win!

This led me into researching more about the company 1. One of the things I really enjoyed from their public facing documentation was a focus on culture.

teamsnap culture

  1. I did apply for a position at teamsnap (director of engineering perhaps?) but never received a response. This led me to consider building my own - I was (am?) very interested in creating an ecosystem of apps to help run a sports league. I have gone as far as documenting a series of products and high level requirements. I think the pieces are out there, but still think there is room for a new generation of tools.